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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Back....

So, this back pain is really getting to me.

I know I am in pain because I am overweight, the extra weight I carry around aggravates my scoliosis.
I know if I lose weight and strengthen my core muscles I will experience less pain.
To lose weight and strengthen those muscles I need to exercise.
I can't exercise at the moment because my back hurts too much....

This is the cycle that has prevented me from losing weight in the past.
Its pretty depressing. I'm motivated to do the right thing, but my stupid body is preventing me from doing it.

Checking In and Back Pain

My weight as of this morning is 93.5kg, which is a loss of 400g.
To be honest, I'm surprised I lost weight at all. I haven't been able to exercise for most of this week.
My back has been playing up, I've been in too much pain to go to work some days, let alone exercise.

I'm hoping things settle down and I'll be back to the gym by next week, I've been to see my chiropractor and had a remedial massage. So, here's hoping.
I don't won't to be out of practice for too long, I actually miss going to the gym.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Curves Smart and Checking-in

I am happy to say that when I jumped on the scales this morning I read 93.9kg, and a loss of 800g! Nice to see another loss, I hope it continues. :)

Almost two weeks ago I started the Curves Smart workout at Curves. It is an electronic couching system.
I was given an RFID tag, programed with my personal profile, weight, range of motion etc.

Now when ever I go to the gym I put my tag into each machine I use, it tells me whether I am doing each rep at the right speed for me and if I am using my full range of motion, or if I am over extending.

When I have finished my workout I go to a computer and put my tag in the slot and I get feedback on my workout, whether I worked to my full potential, what muscles I worked out and how well I worked them. It also saves my heart rate data and calculates how many calories I have burned.

I am really happy with the system, it is super motivating and boy does it push you to work that little bit harder!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've done it! I've reached my short term goal (STG), I weigh less than 95kg. I have lost over 10kgs!
It took me a bit longer than I had hoped, a month to be exact, but I did.

When I got on the scales this morning I was delighted to read 94.7kg, meaning I lost 500g this week.

Now that I have reached this goal it is time to set a new STG. I like to work in intervals of 5kg. So, my next short term goal is to weigh less than 90kg. I would like to reach this goal by the 7th of May. I've learned from the last goal that I set, to allow for a few set backs, so hopefully this time frame is realistic.

So, less than 90kg by the 7th of May.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So close but still not there!

I still have not met my STG of weighing less than 95kg.
As of this morning I weigh 95.2kg.... It is SO close!!

 Here is a graph of my weightloss data so far.

As you can see there have been a few ups and downs, but overall the general trend is down. So, as a whole I'm losing weight, even if I hit a few bumps along the way.