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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Check in: 30/4/11

As I expected, made a little bit of a weight gain this week. But it should just be things evening out. Scales this morning read 92.4kg.

Next Saturday (check in day) is the 4th of May. The date I set to meet my short term goal of weighing less than 90kg.
Not sure how I am going to go at this point.... To reach it I would need to lose about 2.5kg and that would be a bit ridiculous, if not impossible and it would certainly be unhealthy weight loss for one week.

A few factors have contributed to me being behind goal-wise, the Easter break would be a biggy (chocolate is so evil).
The period of time I was unable to exercise because my back was playing up didn't help much either.

Oh well, these things happen, you just have to keep working at it, I'll get there eventually.

Lets see how things look this time next week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Check in: 25/4/11

I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. I went away with my family, to a wedding and this weekend was Easter which mean chocolate.

So I've had a few ups and down calorie wise.

When I weighed myself on Saturday I was 91.7kg, which was quite a surprise! I was expecting weight gain, not loss, especially not one so significant.

So... I am half expecting next weeks weigh in to show a gain... but you never know, positive thoughts, right?

I am back to work, and regular, planned meals on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to regaining control of my calorie intake. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Check in: 9/4/11

I forgot to check in last week, because my other blog, bento adobencha has me a little distracted.
But don't worry the food blogging hasn't affected my weight loss, as of this morning I weigh 92.5kg.
Well on my way to my STG, which is to weigh less than 90kg by the 7th of May, lets hope I get there!

Today when I went to the gym it was time for my monthly weigh and measure there too.
I'm really happy with the results.

I've lost 3.1kg since joining up to Curves Smart, as well as a total of 8.51cm all over and 1% body fat.
I was also given a printed a progress report, with pretty graphs and stuff.

The blue bars in the bottom right are my PI (performance index) results for my last 10 workouts. The performance index is how hard I should be working. The green ball is the goal I should be reaching.

The woman above the PI graphs is what the computer thinks I look like based on my measurements.

The green line graphs, show how my body fat %, body weight, how many calories I'm burning and how my strength is improving.

As you can see my body fat and weight has reduced and my calorie burn and strength have improved. YAY!