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Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost... But not quite...

So, yesterday was my Wii Fit goal day... And well, I didn't quite get there, I was aiming for 87 kgs...

I was only 600g off, at 87.6 kgs. Pretty frustrating!

I've set a new goal, to weigh 86.2 kgs by the 26th of January. I hope I can get to that one. I think I need to work on my diet more.

I'm still enjoying the Wii Fit Plus stuff, there is a lot to choose from and I can mix up daily work out which keeps it interesting.

I haven't been back to Curves since Christmas, I've just been enjoying the Wii too much! I don't know when I'll be back there...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well I have well and truly passed the date I had hoped to reach my goal wait of 85 kgs... I had hoped to reach that weight by the 25th of December. It's now the 3rd of January... And I weigh... 88.6 kgs. More than 4 kgs off the goal.


Christmas really did a number on me.

Now that the festive season is over I am hoping to get back on track and start losing, rather than gaining weight.

For Christmas I was given a Wii which came with the Wii Fit Plus Program, I've been using it daily and really enjoying it.

When you use the program you have to set weight goals. The program recommends a goal of 1.4 kgs every two weeks.

So, based on that I hope to weigh 87 kgs by the 12th of January.

Let's see how I go.